How to AirPlay YouTube Videos From Mac to Apple TV

Have you ever watched a YouTube video on Mac and hoped to deliver it to your Apple TV for viewing on a larger screen? You can do that with the help of AirPlay, and the latest version of Mac OS X, which makes delivery of YouTube video from your Mac to your Apple TV is as easy as a few clicks.

For the YouTube video AirPlay from Mac to Apple TV, you need the following; An Apple TV (3rd generation or later) connected to the TV, a Mac with OS X El Capitan or newer, Mac and Apple TV must be on wi-fi networks are the same, and you must use Safari. The rest is very simple, as you’ll see in this tutorial.

Mac users with Apple TV can transmit a YouTube video wirelessly from your computer to their TV with the help of AirPlay.

How to Play YouTube Video from your Mac to Apple TV

  • Open Safari on the Mac, and then open the YouTube video that you want to stream to Apple TV
  • Hover over the video and click the play button “AirPlay” (there seems to be little TV)

Choose AirPlay on a YouTube Video

  • Select the Apple TV (or other AirPlay receiver) from the list of devices

How to AirPlay YouTube Videos

YouTube video will start playing on Apple TV, and YouTube videos on Mac will turn gray with a message stating “this Video was played on [name of Apple TV]” to show what and where the game was played.

How to AirPlay YouTube Videos From your Mac to Apple TV

Beyond YouTube, AirPlay is quite versatile, you can use AirPlay to mirror screen Mac wirelessly to Apple TV, and you can AirPlay video from QuickTime on Mac, too, which is great for videos and movies stored locally that you want. Watch television-equipped Apple TV, too. The ease of this feature one reason interesting to get Apple TV for many Mac users.

For Mac users who like this idea but don’t have Apple TV to stream, you can easily connect your Mac to a TV with HDMI, and while this is a wired connection (it is best served with a long HDMI cable), the device worked perfectly. , Has a full audio and video support, and also very easy to set up.

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