Xiaomi and Samsung are Preparing for Snapdragon 835 Based Laptop

Asus and HP will launch a Windows 10 laptop that uses Snapdragon 835 next year. Lenovo also has their plans to launch Snapdragon 835-based laptops. Xiaomi and Samsung are rumored to be making a Windows 10 laptop equipped with Snapdragon 835 processor. Innovate to overtake HP and Asus which first announced the production of the same notebook.

Xiaomi comes from China which focuses on selling smartphones. However, they began to enter the laptop industry in August 2016 by launching Mi Notebook Air which is available in 12.5-inch screen sizes and 13.3 inches. Xiaomi reportedly showed an interest in making a laptop with Snapdragon 835 as a processor, which was a far different step from its decision to use Intel-based processors.

Xiaomi and Samsung are Preparing for Snapdragon 835 Based Laptop

Xiaomi and Samsung are Preparing for Snapdragon 835

Application of chipsets made by Qualcomm is indeed a program called “Always Connected” which directly presented by the company’s leading chipset. Qualcomm’s ARM processors are typically on tablets and smartphones that focus on saving power while Intel’s x86-focused x86 processors are intended for desktops and laptops.

Microsoft and Qualcomm this is the second attempt to create an ARM-based device. In 2012, Microsoft tried to make a Windows RT. However, this Windows RT failed to receive on the market, because the only specific software that can run on the operating system. Responding to Microsoft’s work with Qualcomm, Intel said that the initiative wants to produce a laptop that is always active already first wanted in embodied by the intel.

Windows 10-based PC will be able to connect to the internet as long as the user has a data packet. Even so, it is still unknown whether Snapdragon-based computers can perform similarly to Intel-based computers. It seems Xiaomi should work a little harder in bringing this Laptop device. At least the machine made by Xiaomi Laptop should be able to balance the Asus Nova Go and HP Envy X2. Both have equipped with eSIM features and SIM Card nano slot. Both also present with specification enough bite and indeed cannot underestimate.